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In this Newsletter I bring you:

  • A feature video on ‘Hypnotherapy’ with Tanya Caffrey and how it can help you with your fat/weight loss.
  • Follow Emma Clark’s 28 Day Fat Loss & Fitness Journey – End of Week 4 Results.
  • Chris Recommends: Phil The Butcher ‘Pre-Order Service’
  • CT’s Important Information – 5 Steps to a Post Summer Holiday Body
  • The Fat Busters Recipe Book Series – stuck for ideas? then these recipe books will solve your dilemma!!
  • Your Offer Of The Week – £10 off all Massage Treatments in Sept 2012!
  • New Classes For Sept 2012  – Unite Fitness; Fusion of Yoga/Pilates – Bookings Now being taken for the Masterclass on Thursday 6th September :O)
  • Your Homework for the week : Guest workout by Rachel Holmes one of my original mentors and inspirations!
  • My quote of the week

I wanted to create this ezine to help as many people as possible to make the best of themselves. I truly believe that once we become true to ourselves and stop worrying about what other people think we will be happier and can take on anything that life throws at us. I have decided to help you become the best that you can be through my work as a Fitness Instructor, a Health Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Fat Loss & Fitness Expert & Massage Therapist; through my NEW company……….West Wickham Health & Fitness.

Feedback from the Holiday newsletters 

  • “I cannot wait for the UNITE class….I am really pleased to be part of something new and exciting. I come to your Pilates classes and they are already very different from the other Pilates classes around which I enjoy because they are educational and have sorted out my posture and back problem. I cannot wait to improve my flexibility by doing some of the yoga moves. Yoga has always frightened be in the past but I know your class is going to be different!” HM

Thank you for your lovely comment! My minimum aim with this Newsletter is just to inform people of what is going on. You can then think about it, research abit more and take action if you want to! The fact that people are enjoying reading the articles and watching the videos is fantastic! thank you x

Knowledge is power :O)

If you would like a tell your story or want me to give you more information on a particular topic please get in touch: ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk.

In next week’s newsletter we are looking at “Why you might not be getting the results you want from your fitness programme”

Have a fab week and see you in class!

This Week’s Article/Video – Hypnotherapy & Weight Loss

I have joined a local BNI Networking group which consists of local people who have their own businesses. We all meet once per week and by networking and understanding each other’s businesses we can help refer people to each other.

I meet Tanya Caffrey a Hypnotherapist on one of these meetings. Now I am really interested in Alternative Therapies in trying to sort out my client’s mindset so that they can achieve the health and the body that they have always wanted.

Often we have barriers that prevent us from getting to our goals and we need help to accept things or change things so that we can move on and get to where we want to be.

I myself have tried Reiki, massage, mediatation and counselling. And now I am going to be working with Tanya to sort out some issues from my childhood that are affecting how I feel at the moment :O).

I will be blogging about this over the weeks to come but in the meantime I have interviewed Tanya to find out what Hypnotherapy is all about and how it can help you with your weight/body image.

Please let me now what you think :O)


At West Wickham Health & Fitness we specialise in a range of guaranteed services that deliver amazing mind and body results to our clients. 
By adopting my five principles of C.L.E.A.N., we take an holistic approach to fitness, delivering results that more conventional fitness solutions can only dream of.

Interested?  https://www.westwickhamfitness.com

Emma Clark’s Fat Busters 28 Day Fat Loss & Fitness Journey – Week 4

Ever wondered what Bootcamp is all about? Would you find it daunting coming to a class called Bootcamp? Do you have some inches/weight to lose? Do you need to get fitter? Do you need to become healthier? Do you need to overhaul your eating habits because what you are eating is causing bloating, headaches, IBS symptoms? Do you lack energy?

Well Emma has kindly volunteered to share her 28 Day Fat Busters Fat Loss & Fitness Journey with you so that you can see what she does on a weekly basis in order to achieve her own goals and get her body back!

Emma talks about what she has been up to in week 3…….

  • what she has eaten
  • what exercises she has been doing
  • how she has found being back on the Fat Busters program
  • and Emma reveals her results for week 2!!

Here is Emma’s 28 day Journey via Video!

Week 1 – http://youtu.be/EhjLx_ETiyg
Week 2 – http://youtu.be/NbkAJciY_F8
Week 3 – http://youtu.be/q-ifpCRuR0A
Week 4 – http://youtu.be/ccB0jNyvXe4


Emma was having trouble with lunch ideas. She bought the Fat Busters 30day Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Recipe book and has found this to be a godsend :O)

Results for week 4 = 1lbs & 2inches
Accumulative Results 10lbs & 9.5inches :O) FAB results Emma……keep them up.

Emma is continuing with the Fat Busters programme to get where she wants to be :O)

We will be following Jackie Dixon from Jax’s Hairdressers in Shirley over the next 28 days :O) Jackie is doing a mixture of Bootcamps & Personal Training to get to where she wants to be.

Earn yourself £50……..Do you know someone that fits the bill below? refer them to the Fat Busters Programme and when they sign up you will receive £50 cash in your hands :O)

Does any of the following resonant with you?

  • Are you indecisive? Have low self-esteem? Have low self worth?
  • Are you fighting weight gain? Are you a yo-yo dieter? Do your clothes fit?
  • Are you fighting high stress levels? Juggling too many balls?
  • Are you unfit and moving around day to day a struggle? Do you like this feeling?
  • Are you feeling lethargic? Tired? No get up and go?
  • Are you fed up with the way you look and the way you feel or both?
  • Are you ready to do something about your existence and make your life worth living? Full off happiness & contentment.

If the above resonates with you…are you scared to do anything about it? Are you confused about where to start?

  • Do you want to be more confident? Stand up and be counted but feel no-one is listening to you?
  • Do you want to drop fat, stop yo-yo dieting and fit into your clothes?
  • Do you want to address your stress levels before they make you really ill?
  • Do you want to learn how to eat & exercise correctly for life so that you feel energised, feel great and look fabulous?


Chris Recommends: Phil The Butcher’s Pre-Order Service

WWHF Health Coach Chris Tuck tries Phil the Butcher’s Pre-Order Service!

I ordered:

16 Beef Burgers
24 Meat Balls
24 Chicken Nuggets
2lb of Minced Beef
8 Chicken Breasts

I have used the meat balls and a pack of the nuggets.

In my opinion……..the quality & taste of the meat is far superior to the supermarket…..with hardly any fat and no shrinkage.

Why dont you give Phil a try and tell him I sent you :O)

J Par & Co Ltd
0208 462 3789
Coney Hall

CT’s Important Information – by Sam Feltham & Chris Tuck

5 steps to a ‘Post Summer Holiday’ body
Well Summer Holidays are over…..I have a lovely tan, I feel rested and even though I did not go mad on bad things….I still had ice cream, cake and some soft drinks from time to time! I now feel like my belly is sitting on my knees and my inside thighs are slapping together as I walk!!

It’s time for me and probably many of you to re-focus and get back the body you want. It is time to cut the C.R.A.P & get back on track :o)

You will be pleased to hear that it’s never too late to start changing your eating and exercising habits and that just a few changes for a couple of weeks will make all the difference to getting back into your clothes, to deflate the tummy and tone up those thighs.

Below are the steps that I will be taking to get my pre-holiday body back :O)
1.Have Lean Protein at least twice per day

Sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, pulses and nuts.

I usually have prawns, salmon, chicken, egg or avocado.

The Science about protein
Protein is probably the most important macro nutrient in a healthy diet and it is essential for growth, tissue repair, immune function and preserving lean muscle mass.

Protein will help your muscle tissues repair after a workout and will therefore help increase your lean muscle mass which will in turn increase your metabolism and the speed at which you burn calories.

When you eat a higher protein diet you generally stay fuller for longer and are less likely to binge on unhealthy snacks! You will therefore lose weight as a result! I will eat the above for breakfast :O)


2. Decrease Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are found in starchy foods like bread, pasta and rice. They are also found in fruit and vegetables and in sugary foods like cake and chocolate. I will cut out the chocolate, bread, pasta and rice from by eating plan, reduce my fruit to two portions per day and stick to eating berries and massively increase my vegetable intake.

It was really weird for me to not have bread with my soup, and eat a meal without potatoes or rice in the beginning but now I am happy with a plate as depicted above because i know that I am putting  nutritious food into my body.

The Science about Carbohydrates

All carbohydrates are converted to glucose, a type of sugar, before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Then they are either burned for energy or stored as fat.

Although we do need a certain amount of carbohydrate in our diet to use as energy many people consume too much carbohydrate and this excess is stored as fat.

Carbohydrates can be split into High GI and Low GI foods.

High GI foods such as white bread and pasta are digested quickly and give you a spike in energy levels. These energy levels quickly drop leaving you feeling hungry and craving sugary foods.

Low GI foods such as non starchy vegetables, fresh fruit, pulses and whole grains are digested slowly and leave you feeling fuller for longer. They keep your blood sugar levels low and steady and reduce the urge to snack in between meals.

I would recommend decreasing the amount of Carbohydrates you eat and making sure that the Carbohydrates that you do eat come from Low GI foods such as non-starchy veg, fresh fruit, beans and pulses.


3.Eat fat to lose fat

Your body needs fat to protect your organs and it’s also used in brain function, nerve transmission and hormonal productions. If you cut out fat from your diet completely your body will hold onto the fat it already has and you will therefore struggle to lose body fat!

I will be eating and cooking with coconut oil to make sure I am giving my body what it needs :O)

The Science about Fat
By holding onto fat you will initially lose weight by losing lean muscle mass which in turn will slow down your metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories)

This is one of the many reasons that FAT FREE DIETS DO NOT WORK! Many people will end up gaining more weight once they come off the diet having lost lean muscle mass rather than body fat and in turn having slowed their metabolism.

I would recommend eating unsaturated fats found in fish, nuts and avocados; they are delicious and are essential for a healthy, balanced diet!

Stay away from too many saturated fats found in red meats, and stay away from Trans fats found in ready meals, biscuits, crisps and other processed foods altogether!


4.Increase the number of veg and fruit you eat as well as the amount of water that you take on

Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The more vegetables you can include in your diet the better. There is a big campaign for your five a day.

I would recommend having fruit for breakfast, either in a home made smoothie or having fruit with some full fat natural yoghurt. Berries are excellent antioxidants and are abundant at this time of year!

Make sure that your plate for lunch and dinner is half full with different types/colours of vegetables.  Be inventive you can steam, boil and stir fry to keep it exciting and make sure to add as many herbs and spices to your veg to ensure that you don’t lose interest!

Water is so important for health in general and in particular when trying to lose weight.

Drink water (preferably filtered) throughout the day, especially when working out.

Try to limit the amount of caffeine you drink to one cup or less a day. Caffeine is dehydrating and dehydration will impair your ability to workout effectively.

If you like tea then try drinking green tea instead as this is full of antioxidants!

Take fizzy drinks out of your diet, they are full of chemicals, sugar, sweeteners and ingredients that we can’t even pronounce!



The best way to lose weight and live a happier and healthier lifestyle is to combine both good nutrition and exercise. Although you will see some small results with just one of the above the key to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle is to combine the two.

So, what sort of exercise should you be doing?

The answer here depends on how active you already are. I would recommend trying to exercise for at least 30 mins, 3 times a week or more if possible.

If you can try and walk or cycle to work instead of driving and take the stairs every time where possible.

If you are a member of a gym then try doing strength training or if you run try substituting a long run for interval training (sprint for 20 sec, run for 20 sec – repeat 8 times) as both these types of training will increase your lean muscle mass and in return increase your metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories).

Fat Busters Recipe Book Series


Want a 7 day Meal Plan?
Want a 30 days Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Plan?
Want Healthy & Clean Treats & Savoury Snack ideas?

Check out my Fat Busters Clean Eating Range :O) These are all E-Books……you will not receive a hard copy (at the moment!)

Want a 7 day Meal Plan?

You are now able to buy your very own FatBusters Cookbook which gives you a 7 Day Plan for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.

There are snack ideas as well, and where I can I have included recipes which used leftover food from the day before, which obviously keeps the costs down.

Want a 30 days Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Plan?
I have a solution to all of your Nutrition problems!  I have created a 30 day meal planner cookbook, including:

30 Breakfasts
30 Lunches
30 Dinners

…all in a manual where you can pick ‘n’ mix!  That’s 90 CLEAN recipes in total that will last you 30 days where you never need to eat the same meal twice.

Want Healthy & Clean Treats & Savoury Snack ideas?

Everybody deserves a treat or a snack now and then, but now you can do it without the guilt!


Offer Of The Week :O) £10 off all Massage Treatments During September!

Well just got my own silver medal – A Merit in my Itec Massage Theory and Practical Exams :0)

To celebrate I am offering you, your friends and family £10 off my normal tariffs for Massages booked during the day :O)

This is Instructor Lynn Dicken after her recent No Hands Massage looking completely chilled!

“Just to let you know and some feed back reference the no hands massage. I found it to be of real great benefit to me, I moved a lot freeer, especially the day after and my hamstring/attachment injury was not so sore and painful, so I think this is an area that would greatly improve with this technique so please can I book another massage this week! 🙂 ”

Please call me on 07932-594712 to book your appointment with a £10 discount for all massages in September :O)

Chris x
Health Coach specialising in Fat Loss & Fitness

New Classes Coming in Sept 2012

Rachel Holmes one of the Creator’s of UNITE and me! Some Fit~Pro’s and me at Unite :O)


A fusion of Yoga & Pilates a brand new CLASS. This class is nowhere in the UK yet I did my training in Derby over a month ago and I ached for days!! The class will improve your flexibility, your posture and your core strength and really improve your overall fitness level as part of a ‘Cross Training Program’. Lynn Dicken and myself will deliver this class to you :O)

The WWHF timetable will change to accomodate this new and cutting edge class!

Monday & Fat Busters Classes as normal
Tuesday Fat Loss Legs Bums Tums 7.15pm – 8pm followed by Zumba 8pm – 9pm
Wednesday Fat Busters Booty 8pm – 8.45pm
Thursday 6.30pm – 7.25pm Unite followed by 7.30pm – 8.30pm Zumba

Small Group Personal Training Club

In Sept I am launching my Small Group Personal Training Club…so am looking for 4-6 ladies or 2-3 couples who have problems with their health/weight. You need to be committed and supportive of each other! Similar to Fat Busters Bootcamp but alot more individual time & attention being given to the group members :O)

1:1 Personal Training is £50 per session x 12 sessions = £600; Bootcamp costs £119 per person for the first month for 12 sessions; SGPT costs £157 per person for 12 sessions

Monday & Wednesdays & Friday 9.15-10am or 2.00-2.45pm
Tuesday & Thursday 10.00-10.45am or 2.00-2.45pm

Need to attend 2 fitness sessions per week over a 6 week period.

Please PM me if you are interested? If you have a group of friends you can get together this would be ideal :O) If you have a different time in mind then ASK me I may be able to accomodate you!

Your Homework This Week:

Guest Workout from Rachel Holmes from C2Go. I have done many courses with Rachel and she is so inspirational.

10 Min Full Body Fat Blast – http://youtu.be/KZJzhGo9RM8

Where’s Chris?

Monday 3/9/12 Fat Busters ‘Get Lean’ Bootcamp starts! Drop a dress size in 4 weeks or your money back! Check out http://www.fatbustersbootcamp.co.uk

Monday – Friday teaching various classes see timetable below:

·         Fat Busters Bootcamp Early Morn 6.15-7am
·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies
·         Pilates Bootcamp 6-7.55pm
·         Beginners Circuits 7-7.55pm
·         Fat Busters Bootcamp Evening 8-8.45pm

·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies
·         Fat Blast Legs bums Tums 7.15-8pm
·         Zumba 8-9pm

·         Fat Busters Bootcamp Early Morn 6.15-7am
·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies
·         Fat Busters Bootcamp Evening 8-8.45pm

·         60+ Fitness 10.45-11.45am
·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies
·         UNITE  6.30-7.25pm (UNITE Pilates/Yoga Fusion starts Sept 3rd)
·         Zumba 7.30-8.30pm

·         Fat Busters Bootcamp Early Morn 6.15-7am
·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies

·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies

·         West Wickham Health & Fitness Practice Personal Training & Complementary Therapies

Quote of the Week:

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