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  • Client Testimonial – Leigh Hall sums up her 28Day Fat Busters Fat Loss & Fitness Experience
  • Recipe of the week – Making your own healthy C.L.E.A.N. alternative to ICE CREAM :O)
  • My quote of the week

I wanted to create this ezine to help as many people as possible to make the best of themselves. I truly believe that once we become true to ourselves and stop worrying about what other people think we will be happier and can take on anything that life throws at us. I have decided to help you become the best that you can be through my work as a Fitness Instructor, a Health Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Fat Loss & Fitness Expert & Massage Therapist; through my NEW company……….West Wickham Health & Fitness.

Feedback from last week’s newletter 4.9.12 

  • My Video InterviewTanya Caffery the Hypotherpist struck a chord with a few of you :o) Some of you wish to work with her and have requested her phone number……..Tanya can be contacted on 07840141360. Thank you for your feedback :O)

My minimum aim with this Newsletter is just to inform people of what is going on. You can then think about it, research abit more and take action if you want to! The fact that people are enjoying reading the articles and watching the videos is fantastic! thank you x

Knowledge is power :O)

If you would like a tell your story or want me to give you more information on a particular topic please get in touch: ctsfitness@hotmail.co.uk.

In next week’s newsletter we are looking at “Why you might not be getting the results you want from your fitness programme”

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This Week’s Article

My 5 Top Tips to eating out but still living a healthy lifestyle :O)

Recently I went to the Diwana Curry House in West Wickham with some of my WWHF Class members…..see the lovely bunch below!

I always find it harder to stick to my nutrition plan when I am in social situations, how about you?

Although I love socialising I dread eating out usually because I always feel obliged to eat what other people expect me to eat. It is perfectly alright to have an ocassional meal out as a treat when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or even whilst you are trying to lose weight…….unfortunately since eating a CLEAN diet anything that is not in keeping with this affects my digestive system often causing me pain, bloating, indigestion and diarrhoea.

So I have a choice to make either keep people happy and eat what they expect me to eat and not have them comment about my choices or  eat what I needed to eat in order for me to enjoy my meal and not suffer the consequences.

Often when you undertake a new eating plan there are people that you know that will sabotage you and encourage you to fall off the wagon by saying “go on one wont hurt you”; “you are celebrating x y z, dont be a misery join in”; ” you have been good all week, you deserve a treat”; “you cannot be good all the time” etc etc…..I think you get the picture? :O)

To keep yourself in control of the situation and not be swayed by well intentioned friends family and colleagues I recommend you do the following 5 things:

  1. check out the menu before you go and decide what you are going to eat before you even get there
  2. drink 1/2 litre of water before you go out and order a litre of water when you arrive
  3. order a salad or healthy starter such as prawns or chicken chat leaving off any sauce and bread. At the Diwana I had Prawn for starters and did not eat the bread.
  4. order a main dish such as chicken or king prawn shashlic or tikka dishes…..no sauces
  5. order vegetable side dishes such as sag aloo or aloo gobi to fill you up

Pass on the naan bread, rices, puddings, alcohol and coffee if you are on a weight loss or fat loss program!

I did all of the above, I really enjoyed my meal and the after effects for me were minimal compared to normal :O) So do yourself a favour, if you cannot get out of the social event plan and prepare what you are going to do to control the outcome if you are on a fat loss / weight loss program bearing in mind you do not want to sabotage yourself or your results :o)

Chris Tuck
Creator of West Wickham Health & Fitness

Client Testimonial

Leigh Hall from the August Fat Buster’s programme has this to say……..why dont you have a listen and see if the programme can help you???

Leigh lost a staggering….16lbs, 7.5inches, her nails and hair improved, her energy levels increased massively….in 28 days :O)


What results could you achieve in 28 days?

Leigh is continuing her Fat Loss & Fitness journey with me this month :O)

Recipe Of The Week

C.L.E.A.N. Ice Cream Alternative


I hope you are enjoying your Health and Wellbeing Newsletter so far!! :o)

Where is Chris this week?

Weds 12th – My 2nd Hypnotherapy session
Fri 14th – Fat Busters Bingo Evening at Emma Coomber’s House
Sat 15th & Sun 16th attending Dax Moy’s Kinetch Chain Specialist Course

Meeting and working with 3 brand new clients this week .Welcome to June, Steve & Katy :O)

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