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  • Recipe of the week – Keeping Fiid simple – this week SALMON.
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I wanted to create this ezine to help as many people as possible to make the best of themselves. I truly believe that once we become true to ourselves and stop worrying about what other people think we will be happier and can take on anything that life throws at us. I have decided to help you become the best that you can be through my work as a Fitness Instructor, a Health Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Fat Loss & Fitness Expert & Massage Therapist; through my NEW company……….West Wickham Health & Fitness.

“Winter is coming; all this rain makes me feel awful”

    If you start the day with a negative mind you attract more negative situations throughout your day! give off a positive “frequency” and watch your day go from strength to strength. A shift in mindset has massive power, not only for you but for everyone around you as you will help them brighten their day too. What’s the other option? be pissed off all day at something you cant change? sounds simple when you think about it 🙂 HAPPY MONDAY MOVERS 🙂 ??????????

My minimum aim with this Newsletter is just to inform people of what is going on. You can then think about it, research abit more and take action if you want to! The fact that people are enjoying reading the articles and watching the videos is fantastic! thank you x

Knowledge is power :O)

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In next week’s newsletter we are looking at “Why you might not be getting the results you want from your fitness programme”

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This Week’s Article


Keeping a Food & Mood Diary Part 1 by Chris Tuck WWHF

Let’s start by looking at:

What is a food & mood diary?

A food & mood diary is a physical log/record of:

·         what you are eating and drinking
·         when you are eating and drinking
·         the amount you are eating and drinking
·         how you feel physically and emotionally when you eat and drink

A food & mood diary is an important tool for both you and your coach in putting together a structured and progressive programme for your health and fat loss improvement.

Why do I need to keep a food & mood diary?

By looking at what you eat and when and how you feel over a typical week your coach will be able to advise you on how to change/improve your nutrition, your hydration, your behaviours to help you drop fat, improve your mood and health for the better.

Most people’s reality of what they actually eat compared to what they think they eat can be significantly different. By recording this data all the guess work is taken out of the equation and your coach can help you reach your goals by looking at the facts.

Most people underestimate the amount of food they have actually eaten. They often wonder why they have gained weight but they cannot think of a reason for their weight gain.  They might have gradually started to eat more over a long period of time but to them this is now considered normal everyday consumption so they cannot see this as a cause of their weight gain.

Through my work with my clients I know that there are other factors that can cause weight gain without an increase in what you eat however I am discussing the importance of using the food and mood diary in the first instance as a tool to identify what is going on and raising awareness of what is actually happening.

When I first meet a client I ask them to complete a food and mood diary for me. We discuss it and then I advise them WHAT they could be eating to improve their health and well being and more importantly WHY certain foods are better for health, wellbeing and fat loss. By understanding what nutritious food does for them and why they need to be eating some foods and eliminating others from their daily menu their success to a happier and healthier person is guaranteed.

Here is a copy of the Food & Mood diary I use with my client’s……………..designed by Helen Flynn.


My next article will be on My 7 Observations on Analysing Your Food & Mood Diary

Healthy Regards
Chris :O)

Chris Tuck
Creator of Fat Busters Bootcamp, West Wickham Health & Fitness & Personal Trainer West Wickham
https://www.westwickhamfitness.com & http://www.personaltrainerwestwickham

Client Testimonial

Meet Jackie from Jax Hairdressers in Shirley.

Jackie has asked me to help her TRANSFORM her life. Jackie is going to be doing the Fat Busters Bootcamp programme and 1 PT session with me per week.

Today Jackie talks about her Fat Loss & Fitness Journey so far – End of week 2

Click here to check out Jackie’s update :o)

http:// http://youtu.be/Ib_gVoEmBiQ

Want to start your own Fat Loss & Fitness Journey?

Next Booty starts 1st October 2012 :O)

Recipe Of The Week

Keeping Your Food Simple

Salmon & Veg                       or                      Salmon & Salad

Take a salmon portion rub in some coconut oil, add pepper, sea salt, lemon and lime or some Petra’s Diet Spice, wrap in silver foil and cook in oven for about 20mins.

Steam some veggies, above I have done leeks, broccoli and peas or cut up some salad you choose what you want! I now add spinach leaves to my salad.

This meal takes less than 25 minutes to put together so what is your EXCUSE for not eating clean???

Let me know what you have with your salmon :O)


I hope you are enjoying your Health and Wellbeing Newsletter so far!! :o)

Where is Chris this week?

Teaching and coaching her clients!

Working on new projects:
Kick Start Fat Loss coming January 2013
Project Phoenix coming January 2013
Fat Busters Transformation Club Online coming January 2013
Chris Tuck – ‘My Story’ coming soon :O)


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