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  • This week’s article – Your Wants v Your Needs – why are they different?
  • Client Journey Update – Jackie from Jax Hairdresser’s in Shirley who is undertaking the 28day Fat Busters & PT programme – Week 4 Update.
  • Recipe of the week – Keeping Food simple – this week Lunch on the run!!
  • Marvin Burton top fitness presenter talks to me about fitness, lifestyle and nutrition – please watch his VLOG!
  • The next UNITE 4 Week Course starts Thursday 18th October 6.30-7.30pm – Bookings now being taken @ bookwhen.com/westwickham :O)
  • My quote of the week

I wanted to create this ezine to help as many people as possible to make the best of themselves. I truly believe that once we become true to ourselves and stop worrying about what other people think we will be happier and can take on anything that life throws at us. I have decided to help you become the best that you can be through my work as a Fitness Instructor, a Health Coach, a Personal Trainer, a Fat Loss & Fitness Expert & Massage Therapist; through my NEW company……….West Wickham Health & Fitness.

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My minimum aim with this Newsletter is just to inform people of what is going on. You can then think about it, research abit more and take action if you want to! The fact that people are enjoying reading the articles and watching the videos is fantastic! thank you x

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In next week’s newsletter we are looking at the ‘Mood/Food – Pain/Gain Cycle’ :O)

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This Week’s Article

WANT v Needs Article by Chris Tuck

Most of my clients come to me wanting to change something about themselves or their life.

  • They want to improve their fitness level because they want to take part in an event.
  • They want to improve their body shape because they have become fatter and don’t like what they see in the mirror and their clothes no longer fit.
  • They want to improve their health because they have symptoms that are affecting their everyday life for example stress that is causing them headaches, insomnia, eating patterns are all over     the place, their nutrition is poor etc.

Wanting something will often mean needing to change something.

The overriding underlying theme for every client/person is to be happy. It is my role as a Health Coach & Fitness provider to facilitate this change.

My clients come to me to:-

  • Be themselves for an hour
  • To have fun for an hour
  • To escape their daily routine of being a mother, wife
  • To help them transform their life; improving their physical or mental health

Let’s take a look at what each word WANT & NEED actually mean.

WANT as a Verb

  • Thinking about/wishing for
  • Have a desire to possess or do something
  • Have a wish for

WANT as a Noun
A lack or deficiency of something “body or mind in want of repair”

NEED comes before WANT you cannot do without it, something needs to happen

NEED as a Verb

  •  require (something) because it is essential or very important
  • “I need help now” a starving child might want a chocolate bar but what they need is nutritious food.

NEED as a Noun

  • Circumstances in which something is necessary “ the need for food”
  • A homeless person might want a bottle of alcohol to blot out his/her feelings and thoughts but what he/she really needs is some T.L.C. a bed hot bath and proper sustainable food.
  • An unhappy over-fat person might want another burger ships and coke but what they need is to find out the cause of their overeating and deal with the issues and put strategies in place to stop the behaviour patterns of eating burger chips and coke.

Understanding Wants v Needs in a fat loss scenario is really important. Often client’s WANT processed foods and soda drinks for example but it is not what their bodies NEEDS.

In my opinion this is a crucial lesson to learn; a big shift in mindset that is needed in our obese and diseased society.

People need to look at and understand that their bodies NEED good quality ‘clean’ foods in order to function optimally and not give their bodies non nutritional foods such as processed and packaged foods that they WANT.

My body does not WANT crap food it NEEDS good quality protein, fats, carbs, minerals and vitamins to keep me healthy and lean!! What about you??


Please have a read and feed back to me :O)

Chris Tuck

Creator of Fat Busters Bootcamp, West Wickham Health & Fitness & Personal Trainer West Wickham
https://www.westwickhamfitness.com & http://www.personaltrainerwestwickham

Client Journey & Update

Jackie Dixon from Jax Hairdressers in Shirley.

Jackie has asked me to help her TRANSFORM her life. Jackie is doing the Fat Busters Bootcamp programme and 1 PT session with me per week.

Today Jackie talks about her Fat Loss & Fitness Journey so far – End of week 4. Jackie has had a very challenging week this week and she talks about this honestly and openly. Please watch to find out what you can do to get back on track! Jackie you are doing briliantly so keep up the good work. Remember lifestyle change is a progressive every day journey, it is not a sprint and then falling back into old ways :O)

Click here to check out Jackie’s update :o)


Want to start your own Fat Loss & Fitness Journey?

Recipe Of The Week

Keeping Your Food Simple – Lunch on the RUN!

At the weekend I attended a Fitness weekender at Camber Sands. This means doing many classes and not having alot of time for food prep and eating! However when you are exercising you are putting an energy demand on your body and it NEEDS nutrition for energy, to keep going, to recover and to repair! Below is a lunch that I rustled up in 5mins.

My 5 minute Lunch On The Run
1/3 bag of spinach and watercress
I free range organic boiled egg
Chopped up smoked salmon
A handful of red grapes

This meal takes less than 5 minutes to put together so what is your EXCUSE for not eating clean???

Let me know what your favourite quick meal is….so that I can share it with the rest of the gang! :O)

I hope you are enjoying your Health and Wellbeing Newsletter so far!! :o)

Last sunday I was at Camber Sands attending a fitness weekend. Whilst I was there I interviewed Marvin Burton (above).

Marvin is a top Fitness Presenter I asked him about his opinions on fitness, movement, lifestyle and nutrition.

Marvin was very kind with his time and we recorded a 20min vlog covering the above. Please watch it and feed back to me your comments :O)

http:// http://youtu.be/NweeeYc4-qw

Where is Chris this week?

Teaching and coaching her clients!

I will be doing a 20min guest slot at Croydon Radio this thursday at 12.30 and then start with a monthly show :O) Exciting times…..spreading the word about clean simple nutrition and fitness that fits in with your life!

Sat 13th attending Dax Moy’s Hormonal Course and how this affects your fat loss!

Working on new projects:


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