Kinetic Chain

As you are aware I completed my KCA Level 3 course this weekend and I am looking for people to practise on! KCA stands for Kinetic Chain Assessment and it is about how the body should move, how your body actually moves, identifying differences (dysfunctions like frozen shoulder, weak wrists, aches and pains in the knees, back etc) and correcting the diffrences by using inhibition, decompressions, facilitation, myofascial release techniques and then using corrective exercise to sort the differences/dysfunctions out permanently.

If you would like a foot, knee, hip, back or shoulder problem sorted then I can help you! Email me your name your problem and a time when you can commit to I will be happy to treat you for free whilst I’m practising. I can also sort out hamstring flexibility in a matter of minutes.

I have started to introduce elements of my training into bootcamp/classes recently and my Pilates is now based on what I have learnt so far. I have invested £10K on my knowledge and skills this year so that I can make a true difference to you by implementing the most up to date and cutting edge training out there in the market place. It is not all about beasting clients! Its about helping the client win at what they do & how they live through nutrition, hydration, KCA & corrective exercise.

I have gained alot of knowledge and skills from KCA1 & 2 but Level 3 is wehre are all the ninja skills have come into force and I am really excited to be able to help you! I have invested £2500 on these 3 courses alone and I am doing KCA level 4 next weekend….so watch this space.

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