What will you do to get the weight off this New Year? Is Weight Loss Surgery The Answer To Your Problem??

At this time of year you get bombarded with weight loss programmes and you think ” Here I go again, I have to start my New Year Diet!”.

Is this the same diet you did last year and the year before? or have you switched between Atkins, WW, SW, Cabbage Soup, SlimFast, Lighter Life?

Have you tried one or several of these? did you lose some weight in the short term but pile it all back on again?

Every New Year most people starts the same….you want to get fitter, you want to lose 1/2 stone or a few stone but a couple of weeks down the line, it all becomes too hard for whatever reason and you give up!

The media have already started to advertise holidays…is this making you more depressed? making you stress on how you are going to look and feel with the bikini babes on the beach this summer???

Is this YOU??

* Self conscious in fitted clothes? in a swimsuit? in a bikini?
* Hate shopping for clothes? Sharing changing rooms with slimmer folk?
* Happy go lucky on the outside but inside you are as miserable as sin?
* Indulge in comfort eating beause you are so unhappy with your siutation and you pretend you dont care in front of people and you carry on eating what you know is sabotaging all your efforts?
* Cannot run around after the children or the granchildren because you get out of breath too easily or you find moving around uncomfortable and not as easy as you should?
* Realising that as you get older you are getting fatter and you dont understand why and you dont like it?
* Very worried that as the weight is piling on your HEALTH is either compromised or becoming compromised.The fear of suffering from a weight related problem(s) namely:

– Type 2 Diabetes,
– High Blood pressure
– Cardio Vascular disease,
– Strokes
– Joint issues
– Skin infections
– Digestive problems
– Excessive sweat and body odour
– Reduced mobility

Becoming unfitter and the real risk of having taking medication to control some of the above conditions

Do you just WANT to be SLIM but cannot see how you are going to get there without starving yourself, counting calories and working out for hours on end.

Is this making you miserable and want to give up before you have even started?

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO?…..to make 2012 different?

Well in my opinion you are faced with two options, one you might have considered but the other you have not heard much about YET!

Option 1 – Surgery – Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass

Why not treat yourself to a gastric band or a bypass? surgery will make you lose weight quickly but are they a healthy option?

A gastric band will cost you approx £6k, it involves keyhole surgery and takes approx 1 hour. A silicone band is fitted near the top of your stomach creating a small pouch restricting the amount you can eat. The surgery can be reversed and air can be let in or out to make the band tighter or looser. If the band is made to tight you will suffer regular vomiting, if the band is too loose you may not lose any weight. Each visit to the consultant to tighter or loosen the band after the initial period will cost you.

A gastric bypass involves your stomach being permanently made smaller so from a fist size to an egg cup size. You will be in hospital for 2-3 days and the surgery is irreversible.

Post surgery
In the first few weeks you can only drink soup, this is tough but the weight will fall off (it would if you just ate soup without surgery!)After a few weeks you can have small portions of solids but no bread, no chips, no red meat this is all banned.
6-12 months down the road you might have shed 3-6 stone but you will never again be able to eat normally and there are often other complications that are not talked about.

– Inability to absorb nutrients and vitamins
– Inability to absorb the supplements you will need to take
– Regualr monitoring and blood tests to check iron levels which may lead to you having iron injections
– Chance of needing transfusions because of aneamia
– Gall stones
– Risk of further surgeries due to infections or unhappy with the excess skin
– Risk of infection especially MRSA in hospital
– Being obese in the first place you are putting yourself in real danger each & everytime you have a general anaesthetic.

You will probably eventually feel fantastic in a swimsuit /bikini but are the REAL RISKS outlined above worth it?

Having surgery does not change your mindset, if you have used food as a crutch to get you through emotionally tough situations or for comfort because you are not happy having surgery will not chnage this….it might make you feel better in the short term but the issues of why you became overweight in the first place will not just majically disappear.:o(

Having surgery does not tone up your muscles and qucik drastic weight loss which surgery will give you will leave you with saggy loose skin around your stomach, your thighs, your breasts, your arms. To make you truly HAPPY you will probably WANT further surgery, this is considered cosmetic and is not FREE on the NHS. It will cosy you thousands and all the risks factors above will apply.Having surgery is often seen as a qucik fix solution by many, the answer to your prayers, but the realities can be quite different. It is not unusal for the asscoated weight loss and the stabilsation of your eating patterns to take up to 18months post surgery.

Again I ask you the question….Is It Too Much Of A High Price To Pay?

Option 2 – Take responsibility for your HEALTH and fat loss/weight loss will follow

Take responsibility for changing your lifestyle TODAY for the long term, without the costs and the risks to your Health.
Loosing weight is your main focus (and I am not saying that this is not important because it is) BUT if you focused on your health then weight loss will automatically follow.Focusing on your HEALTH includes looking at your mindset, what you eat, your stress levels, your sleep patterns, your hydration levels and how you exercise.

Only by looking at you as a whole person will you drop fat, loose weight and be able to maintain your new figure and fitness for the longer term.

This means making the decision to make Lifestyle changes not just seeking out all the quick fix solutions that have got you to where you are today.Whilst it is possible to do this by yourself…..staying motivated, understanding why you have gone wrong for all this time, understanding and taking responsibility for your long term health needs a different approach to what you are used to.Let me introduce you to Fat Busters….

Fat Busters is a unique Fat loss and Fitness programme that caters for the in initial drop a clothing size in 28days through the dedicated C.L.E.A.N. eating programme & tailored fitness sessions but ultimately trains/educates you to live a filler happier and healthier life, by adopting the principles of the C.L.E.A.N. programme into your everyday life.
Before you decide to go ahead and sign up for my next bootcamp, it’s only fair that I tell you a few things about the way I work so that you don’t join ‘under false pretences’ so to speak.

For a start………

1) I am not just another exercise class – your fitness sessions are planned and progressive over each 4 week period. They are fun and challenging workouts incorporating strength, endurance & flexibility.

2) I am not a sergeant major type who wants to beast you – you will be taught the correct technique for each movement and be allowed to work at your own pace within the group environment. If you have a particular ache or a dysfunction the session will be modified for you. “Beasting” working you within an inch of your life and working your body whilst its under any type of stress can cause you a setback in your training or even an injury. Working at speed does not mean you are working harder or smarter if you are doing it incorrectly!

3) I do not just take your money and then not give a damn –I offer you my full support from the minute you sign up though email, phone, face book and face to face.

4) I do not only provide fitness sessions – this is only 1 aspect of the bigger picture. I address you, the person as a whole. I look at your mindset, your lifestyle, your nutrition, your hydration and how you move. My programme is all encompassing and high quality programme that delivers you results. I am able to assess your problems, fix your problems and offer solutions.

5) I am not selling you just another ‘diet’……for you to follow, fail and pile on the pounds again. I want to educate you, show you the path to health over the long term rather than losing massive amounts of weight in the short term and causing deterioration in your health. By following my CLEAN eating programme you will reap huge benefits. You will not be counting calories, have red or green days! Just healthy wholesome CLEAN days!

6) I am trying to avoid sending you to the doctor for everyday ills which is caused by things under your control. Through improved nutrition, improved movement patterns, improved lifestyle visits to the doctor will be lessened or not needed at all.

I offer a holistic approach to fat loss and fitness. My programme is a high quality and all encompassing approach.

If you want to work with me the next Fat Busters programme starts on Monday the 9th January 2012. There are only a limited number of spaces and these are filling fast.To apply for a place on the Fat Busters programme please fill in the application form at:

http://www.fatbustersbootcamp.co.uk I am really looking forward to working with you!

If you need more convincing I am holding a FREE nutrition seminar on Tues 10th January 6.30-8pm at Beccehamians Rugby Club, Sparrows Den, West Wickham…please book your place asap.Here is to a happy and very healthy 2012 and thank you for reading :o)

Chris :o)

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