Sam Rose

This is the most effective and easy to follow healthy eating/exercise plan ever. This is unlike anything else I’ve tried (and trust me I’ve tried them all!) It’s not a diet. It works. Fast results. Feel better look better. Lost 12 lbs and 12 inches in my first month! It’s brilliant you must try it, can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Chris you are amazing!

Kim Lee

I started with Chris last April and was amazed with my results in the first month I lost 17lb amd 18″ !! because this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change it works I lost nearly 6stone in 7 months and have kept it off Chris is so good and so knowledgeable and if there is something she doesnt know 100% she will go out of her way to find out. Her groups are fun and everyone is lovely and make u feel welcome if it wasn’t for Chris I wouldn’t be where I am now! and for that I thank u .

Chris Louks

After many years if trying all the diets out there without success and general feeling less than energetic I had decided that there was no way I would lose weight or feel healthy again. In fact I had decided being overweight and sluggish was normal. I came across WWHF. after some enquiries and some time reading and learning about others successes I decided to have it ago. Wow what a difference from 28th may this year until now I have lost over a stone. Not fantastically fast but enough for me to keep at it. I can’t pretend its been easy the first week with no sugar was a real challenge but with support from others in the group I made it through. I have more weight to lose but I feel fantastic,all those strange unwell feelings have gone , the sluggishness is no linger there and I am getting better with the exercise. Clean eating the WWHF way is my way now and would recommended anyone to at least give it the 28 days you won’t regret it.

Amy Roper Age 47 Mum of 2 Full Time Worker

I started worked with the brilliant Chris Tuck from the 6 January 2014 until the end of June. In that time I lost nearly 2 stone but more incredibly I lost 35 inches off my body. This was done with a very easy to follow detox for the first 4 weeks and then continuing “clean” eating thereafter.

I have to say that having tried all of the other “diet” clubs this was the easiest to follow and has been the most effective, hands down. The big difference has been kicking that sugar habit, eating cleanly and taking responsibility for what I put in my mouth! It is a wonderful feeling to be in control of something that has been so out of control my whole adult life. I no longer crave that sugar fix in the middle of the morning or afternoon. I eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the most part that is it because I am just not hungry. Of course I still have the occasional snack or treat, but I see that as a CHOICE not a failure!

Prior to starting with Chris, physically I was in constant pain in my hips and I was generally feeling terrible due to eating poorly, drinking too much alcohol and carrying around all of the weight. Obviously the weight didn’t all come off straight away, but the physical response to eating better was evident very quickly in that I just felt better, more energetic and less lethargic without all of the sugar cravings. I did the exercise at my own pace and that really helped me to feel that I wasn’t being judged by anyone else in the group. I was constantly hard on myself for all of the bad choices that I was making and this was just driving me to eat more out of depression for the way that I felt and the vicious circle I was in was only getting worse. My marriage was suffering as well and this just added to the stress and drove me to drink more and eat more.

Now? I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in years; mentally I am more alert to my body and work is better and more productive because I am not spending all day obsessing about food! Physically, the pain in my hips is completely gone and I have dropped two dress sizes. I have joined the gym and I am looking forward to continuing on my weight and inch loss journey. My marriage is better than it has been in years and years; believing in myself and having the confidence to want better things for myself has rubbed off on to my husband and he has seen a major change in me both physically and mentally. My family is eating better and we are all benefiting from the clean cooking and better food choices.

This has changed my life!

Where does Chris fit into this? Chris leads the group with unwavering support and mentoring; providing you with the tools to stop the excuses and believe in yourself to live a healthier life. Combining the weekly mentoring sessions with focused and high impact exercise sessions, I found that this combination would spur me on to join a gym for the first time in my life and carry on losing weight and inches because I know that I can achieve more! For years, there was a voice inside my head telling me “Why bother? You know you will just fail and gain even more weight than you lost”, but you know what? That voice is not there anymore – it has been replaced with a voice that says, “you can do this!”. And I am.

Thank you Chris Tuck and WWHF.

Testimonials from elsewhere

I asked my clients the following question: “Drop a dress size/Jean size is what enticed you to WWHF in the first place.   Has your perception if the programme changed?   Why?

The reason I love going to WWHF is that it is so different to any other exercise class or gym I have ever gone to, you get real results! If you are willing to put in the effort then you actually do reap the rewards, not just weight loss but also a change in your body shape.It is such a friendly and fun class to go to and I always feel at ease there which is very important to me. Early Rise

Chris you are an absolute inspiration, totally dedicated in what you do and you have 100% belief in what you teach which shines through. You have fantastic teaching skills and are encouraging, friendly, fun and approachable. You are living proof that the clean eating system and exercise regime really does work.

Beverly A

I come to Early Risers as the time is great for me. I am not an evening person for exercise. It sets you up for the whole day feeling on top of the world, and the clean eating to me does not feel like a diet plus it makes me look great!

Dora D

I need to come to WWHF to keep me focused, I can fall of the wagon very very quickly, but knowing I have to get to exercise three times a week helps big time, I know if I have eaten clean all week, my body and me feel so much better. X

Jacki R

WWHF gives me PURPOSE – which is to lose FAT and change my body shape. WWHF is consistent, structured and fun. You encourage, you listen and overall you are interested in the individuals needs and wants. BUT above all YOU know your stuff, you look great, your teaching skills are great and to me its like having my own personal trainer. I have been to many a fitness establishments and none of them have helped me change my mindset, body, health and attitude like WWHF has in the past 3 months. I have alot of respect for you and your business and I look forward to coming to the classes each time.

Emma C

“If you had made the main aim of the programme, ‘Drop a dress size and feel happier/change mood swings‘, this would have encouraged me to start earlier. I feel great and want this feeling to last! Thank you!”

“Initially enticed at the propsect of dropping a dress size. I have now experienced how fantastic WWHF can make you feel. It brings a whole new way of thinking into your life and helps you achieve the body you have always wanted to have as well as energizing your body and mind. I don’t feel it is something you want to do as a 1 off, as I thought I would do.  The classes are such fun, you are a fantastic coach, an inspiration. Early Risers makes me feel alive again and the results are fantastic!”

Bev A

“The ethos of the programme is a shift in mental attitude towards eating correctly and exercise”

Louise J

“I realised I could drop a dress size easily! So I am continuing with the programme to lose stones. So far I have dropped 3 stone 5lbs”

Nicole H

“I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I do and the exercise has become addictive!  Never thought I would say that”

Julia M

“Definitely about long term health and overall fitness levels – not quick fix to be abit smaller”

Anna M

“Was open-minded – pleased with the results so far – realise it is a lifestyle change, not a qucik fix. I always knew it would take time to reverse ayears of poor diet and minimal exercise. But I feel on target and motivated.”

Liam M

The Eating Plan: “Initially it looked really daunting very different to our usual lifestyle. Planning meals in advance is essential and writing everything you eat/drink down.”

The Fitness Sessions: “It has been a while since we exercised so ‘actively’ we both enjoyed the sessions although plenty of hard work was required, however by the end of the 45mins it felt good to have completed the work out.”

The Support/Daily Emails, Video Clips: “Very motivational and a daily focus for the task in hand.”

Your Results: “Both pleased with weight loss and inch loss still more work to be done so we have enlisted on the next camp.”

Good value for money?: “Definitely”

Would you recommend WWHF to others?: “Yes, if they were committed to improving their lifestyle, prepared to make changes and physically apply themselves.”

If you ran WWHF how would you improve it?: “Can’t think of any suggestions. It has all been good”

Anna Murphy – Mum of two, Coney Hall

“Hi My name is Alison and like Sam I am a newcomer to WWHF Early Risers, although not to dieting.

I have had the last 34 yrs of trying different diets and trying to lose weight. I am a mother of 3 and Grandmother to 2.

My story starts with meeting Chris at a Prime Time keep fit class at West Wickham’s swimming baths and gym.

I had got to the stage in my life where I was really fed up with being fat, looked awful in clothes, was not happy with myself and had no confidence at all.

I had started exercising thinking that the diets had not worked, so it had to do with the fact that my exercise had decreased due to all the weight I had put on and my age.

So I started exercising in Chris’s class. On talking to Chris about food and weight, she guided me to what sort of foods I should be eating. I then started a food diary.

During that time I noticed that Chris was looking different. Apart from looking slimmer she just looked different. Not knowing her that well I wasn’t sure what it was. Again talking to her she told me about her Detox that she had been doing. This got me thinking….if Chris the size she was ( I always thought her figure was fab ) has lost weight and changed her shape, then surely what she is doing must work for me with all the weight I have to lose.

With that I asked Chris if she would check my food diary to see if I was eating correctly. She willing done this for me for 4 weeks in her own time and at no cost.

In the next 5 weeks I lost 10 lbs but it then slowed down and I couldn’t understand why, I was doing the same things.

Again I spoke to Chris and she said maybe I was Gluten intolerant, so to try eating Gluten and Wheat free foods which I did, and I am now at a 2 st weight loss.

I decided to join WWHF as Chris’s knowledge on nutrition is spot on, and I am now up for the challenge of the more energetic exercises that WWHF offers. I can’t agree more, with Sam on her comments about Chris and all that she stands for.

My first week at WWHF I have lost 4lbs and I am actually looking forward to the intensity of the exercises, in the knowledge that it works. I feel great! By the time I get to see my Grandchildren in November they won’t recognise me! (They live in New Zealand)

Age is no barrier!!!

Chris’s classes take all of this into account

She is not there to take your money like so many of these other clubs, where they take your money and you fade into the background. She is there to give all she can to help anyone who wants her help, to improve their health and well being. She cannot do enough for you, encouraging and keeping you on the road to success. I hope you like my story and that it inspires you too to join WWHF I will let you know how I get on.”

Alison Winyard – Mum of three, grandmother of two, West Wickham

Hi Guys, my name is Sam and I’m new to WWHF.

I started going to bootcamp classes on the trial week, to find out how it was & if I could do it. Ive always been a bit class phobic, so I was nervous to go, it helped that there was someone there I knew & everyone was really friendly.

The atmosphere in the class was really good, the class was fun & Chris was really supportive & motivating! I am pretty rubbish when it comes to co-ordination, Chris helped me out, she was lovely, I think she knew I felt uncomfortable and she was there, encouraging me all the way. I had to stay focused and push my self & I give it my best. If I’m going to do this then I’m going to give it my best shot!

I have been to gyms in the past & done DVDs at home, but there’s not that person there encouraging & pushing you to stick with it, its also good to do it with others. its not posy and everyone is there purely to get fit & healthy. Chris is so knowledgeable, so you know that the workouts she is getting us to do must be working. I love the way Chris arranges & plans her bootcamp classes, the structure is always varied & fun, the musics good & upbeat, fun ball games, step & sometimes working in teams, it is visually stimulating too.

After my 1st session, boy did I feel it! just a few hours later I was aching! the next day was worse but in a funny way I kind of liked it, liked the thought that this must be doing something good to me. But I was thinking how on earth am I going to do the 2 class?? cor if anyone could have seen me trying to sit on the loo! well, I was so glad I went & I actually think it helped.

A week later I cant believe the difference in my energy & fitness, I am finding the exercises much much easier, and I am loving it!!! I feel sooo so so good! its so exciting!

I weighed myself a week after my 1st class & I’d lost an amazing 5lbs!!! that was on the taster week, so I wasnt even following the diet/clean eating plan, though I do eat quite healthy anyway, but if I had been clean eating can u imagine how much I would have lost?? I am starting the diet plan tomorrow, so I will let you know how im getting on. I think the wheat & diary will be the hardest thing for me.

Well I’ve gone from being someone who was afraid of walking in to a class, no co-ordination & unfit, to a person who is loving the exercises and feeling re energised, fitter, healthier & happier…and thats all in one week….well, thank you Chris, you are making a difference to my life, not just me all the others around me too!

Bootcamp later…bring it on!!!!

Detox starts today…now thats the next challenge!!

Sam B – Mum of two, West Wickham

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